Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors 11

Alright, total change of course and it's not even a classic comic critique. No Ultimate, no Marvel, just DC and it's Lanterns.

    Emerald Warriors is one of three ongoing Green Lantern titles DC is putting out right now, the other two being Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. This is essentially a one shot, a self contained story as opposed to being part of a larger arc. The writer decided to pull back a little bit coming off of the "War of the Green Lanterns" event, which lasted a couple months and spanned all the books.

    So what we have here is a bit of good old fashioned spacecopperey starring my favorite Green/Red Lantern: Guy Gardner. Now Guy can be pretty polarizing to GL fans, some hate him because he's too much of a dick, while others love him because he's too much of a dick. I think he makes a great foil for when all 4 earth lanterns are together, because he contrasts their seriousness excellently. Now about the comic. Basic stuff, Guy is going on vacation to rest after war, when he's called to assist a ship of alien dignitaries. He grudgingly goes and helps out, kicks ass, doesn't even bother taking names, and wines and dines the alien princess aboard ship; par for the course for Guy. Then there's a twist. Read the comic to find out.

All in all, a fun entertaining read. Not exactly important if you're worried about story development, so if you're tight on cash you can skip it if you'd like. You'd be missing out on entertainment, but that's all.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ultimate X #5

Really wanted to get off this Ultimate kick I've been on, give you readers some more variety, but I just couldn't pass this up, especially since I condemned this same comic in my very first review post.

This is the last issue of a 5 issue mini. The first issue came out in February 2010. Nearly 17 months.

   Now, for my readers who are new to comics, I'm going to give you all a crash course on a man named Jeph Loeb, considering how important he is to the ultimate universe, and how much I hate him. A long long time ago, Loeb was known as a good writer. His runs on Batman, such as Long Halloween, are critically acclaimed. Then something happened to ol' Jeph. Maybe it was the death of his son. I don't know. But what I do know is that his writing went to absolute shit. 

    My first exposure to Loeb was on The Hulk. After coming off the incredible Planet Hulk arc, Loeb was given the reigns of the title. He chose to ignore all of Hulk's character development during Planet Hulk, as well as introduce a new, mystery nemesis for The Hulk: Red Hulk. Red Hulk talked like a badass and kicked everyone's ass and broke all the rules. Like punching Uatu the Watcher in the face while saying "Shut the *&%$ up!" or taking Thor's hammer and jumping with it into space. You may be asking yourself, "I thought only those who are worthy could lift Thor's hammer?" And you'd be correct. Red Hulk explained to Thor(And by extension, the reader) that it doesn't count as lifting if he just grabs it and jumps. Then he jumped into space. Then he proceeded to beat Thor's ass with his own hammer, saying it doesn't count as lifting in space because there's no gravity. Then he left a beaten Thor on the moon. That was all in like the first 6 issues.

   Ok, I went off on a bit of a tangent there. I'm going to make a post later this week about Ultimatum, Loeb's lobotomy of the Ultimate universe.
    There's not really anything to spoil about Ultimate X, and if you are upset that I spoiled something in it for you, then you're probably on the wrong blog, because you and I ain't gonna be friends.

    Ultimate X's cast consists of: Jimmy Hudson; Wolverine's son whom he gave up for adoption, has all of his father's powers, plus the ability to make his claws metal, which hasn't been explained to us yet. Karen Grant, AKA Jean Grey, who changed her name and went into hiding after the events of ultimatum. She dyed her hair, and, if the artist is to be believed, got a major boob job. But comic book boobs are neither here nor there, so let's move on. Derek Morgan, a mutant from Chicago who can grow wings and talons and sharp teeth and make his eyes turn red. If I didn't know better I'd say Rob Liefeld had something to do with him. Liz Allen, a former classmate of Peter Parker, who has Firestar's powers, basically being the Human Torch but not actually being on fire. And the Hulk. Loeb shouldn't be allowed within 100ft of any comic featuring the Hulk.

    At the start of this issue, Jimmy goes to buy some beer, but being underage, he is refused. He's then assaulted outside the liquor store by Sabertooth, who hates him on principle due to him being Wolverine's son. Sabertooth beats him savagely, and his wounds aren't healing at their usual Wolverine pace. This is never explained. Not once do they try and tell us why they won't heal, they just won't. So Jean decides they need some more muscle on the team, so she seeks out Bruce Banner, who is hiding form S.H.I.E.L.D, since he was supposed to have been executed following a rampage. Jean convinces him to join with them, and they're confronted by the remains of the Brotherhood of Mutants: Quicksilver, Mystique, Sabertooth, and The Blob.  The Hulk returns the beating to Sabertooth, Mystique points a stupidly big gun at the Hulk, and everyone agrees to disagree and goes their own way. Then they get back to their base(a hotel room), Jimmy wakes up, and Nick Fury comes in and reveals he's known about them since the beginning. Then Jean declares they're going to be superheroes, going places the Ultimates can't due to being government sanctioned. Basically they declare themselves the new X-men.

   I'm not okay with any of this. Nothing about Ultimate X has made any sense, and, despite most people not being thrilled with Ultimate X-Men, especially in it's twilight, I always loved it. And when I heard it was getting brought back I was psyched. Now, not so much. With Bendis and Millar trying very hard to rebuild the Ultimate universe after Loeb's meddling, I hate to see him have any say in it's direction.