Saturday, February 9, 2013

All New X-Men 07

   All New X-Men. I'm not sure if there has ever been a less accurate title for a comic. The premise here is that after the events of AvX, Hank learned that he was dying(from another mutation or something) and out of desperation tried to fix the shitstorm Phoenix Cyclops left in his wake. So he went back to the 60s?(Marvel's sliding timeline means events keep getting shifted. Cyclops of course isn't 50+ years old.) and gathered up the original team: Cyclops, Jean, Beast, Iceman, and Angel and brought them to the present so they could talk some sense into modern day Cyclops. Once they figure out what happened, including the whole Cyclops-killing-Professor X thing, they all begin to shun 60sclops, even 60sJean. 60sclops steals Wolverine's motorcycle, as Cyclops's are known to do, and left the school.

   60sclops goes to a bank he knows he has an account at, hoping Modernclops still has one there, hoping to get some money so he can stay on the run. He ends up finding a safe deposit box loaded with cash, eyeglasses, and an invitation from his and Jean's wedding. Some of the bank staff freaks out because, you know, there's a mass murdering mutant psychopath there, so they call the cops. Wolverine shows up and flashes his Avenger's card and gets him out of there, where it's revealed that Wolverine was Mystique all along. She talks 60clops into going back and setting things right with Modernclops, while at the same time convincing him that Wolverine isn't qualified to be headmaster of the academy. She gets out of there before the real Wolverine shows up to pick up 60sclops. Meanwhile, Mystique hops into a van with someone we can't see, and tells him that her plan all along was to sow chaos within the X-Men so she can accomplish some sort of plan. When 60sclops makes it back to the school, he gives 60sJean the invitation and walks off.

    I was really scared before All New X-Men came out. Time travel bullshit? Fucking Jean Grey again? It seemed like it was impossible for it to be good. The fact that it was announced during AvX made me think that it was going to be directly related to that, which made me fear how that was going to end. But I was honestly surprised. Bendis really brought this shit together, and earned back some of that faith he had lost during Secret Invasion and Siege. This issue continues this comic's trend of surprising me, with the character interactions Bendis is known for being the strongest point. Post AvX is a great point to jump back into X-Men if you've lost track of them, and this is absolutely a recommended read.


  1. What are your thoughts on our comic. We are trying to get this off the ground and will be unveiling more to this one as we go.

  2. Your Thor looks cool, too bad you douches are never going to get anywhere with it. MW doesn't give a rats ass about your stupid project! We come here for real Comic info, not this garbage. I have been waiting for him start back up and here it is and then you stupid ass is on here. Geez. LOL