Wednesday, June 22, 2011


   I figured that if you're going to get opinions from me, you should at least get some idea of my comics background. I started in about '06, with Civil War. Maybe not a great place to start, but an excellent way to get familiar with lot of characters at once. I suppose because of this beginning, my tastes lie primarily with Marvel, although I'm currently loving anything Green Lantern (read from Rebirth up through Blackest Night and current arcs) as well as some of the stellar elseworlds DC publishes, Red Son and the like. Vertigo also has published some of my favorite series: Watchmen, Sandman(the 2 whores of favorite series) as well as Preacher and Y:The Last Man. I also want to say Image, but in reality, it's just Robert Kirkman.


  1. I always loved Deadpool because he can break through the 4th wall

  2. I actually dug Civil War but I understand why fanboys hated it.


  3. I'm only addicted to Marvel, dont like other as much but maybe you can change that!:p

  4. Wolle--> you can't not like Deadpool
    after3---> I liked it too, but as a start, it gives you a terrible impression of some characters. Took me a while to warm up to Iron Man because of it.
    Steve---> I'll be post some Green Lantern, it's a good transition series if you don't like most DC heroes(because they suck.

  5. Love Watchmen! And of course, V for Vendetta!

  6. It's so true Kirkman is the only reason to read Image.