Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Superior Spider-Man #3

   Guess I should comment on this, seeing as how it's been a pretty hot topic among comic fans. Not issue 3, exactly, but the whole thing. If you're not familiar with what happened, here's the short and stupid version (as opposed to the long and stupid version. There is no not stupid version): Doc Ock was dying, so he switch brains with Spider-Man using a brainwave doodler. Spider-Man tried to switch back, but Doc-Ock planned for that and blocked it, and then Peter in Doc Ock's body died. However, when Peter tried to switch back, Ock got a look at all of his memories, which inspired him to use his new body to continue Spider-Man's legacy, and even improve on it, becoming the "Superior Spider-Man.

   In the first issue, we found out that Peter's mind still exists as a ghost or something, and he can see everything Otto is doing in his body, and even slightly control it, such as when he made Ock pull his punch. In the second issue Octo-Peter tried to re-kindle things with Mary Jane, but after frustratingly slow progress, he decided to give up on her and use his newfound youth to find someone new. At the end of that issue The Vulture attacked MJ's nightclub, and Octo-Peter of course saved her.

   This issue deals with Octo-Peter fighting The Vulture, while Carlie Cooper begins to suspect that he may not actually be Peter. The Vulture had been employing a bunch of little Vultures, which Octo-Peter traced back to his hideout. He was prepared to offer The Vulture a huge sum of money in exchange for him giving up villainy, flashing back to a conversation they had together in The Sinister Six where he said all he wanted was money. Vulture thought this was a trap and sicked the little Vultures he'd been using on him. Peter struck one, thinking it was a midget or something, but it was revealed he'd been using children. Another flashback(there's a lot of them, Peter's ghost even ends up stuck in one for a bit) shows Otto's dad beating him, so Octo-Peter was enraged when he was tricked into striking a child. He and The Vulture ended up fighting through the city, when Octo-Peter has his first encounter with the ol' "Imma outta webbin'" problem. The Vulture had the upper hand until Octo-Peter used a blinding light he had set up to turn the tide, and crashed The Vulture into JJJ's makeshift spider-signal, severely-injuring-but-of-course-not-actually-fucking-killing The Vulture while Carlie watched. She thought this was out of character for Peter, so Octo-Peter came up with some bullshit that she may or may not have bought.

   Not a bad issue, none of them have been really. Fairly basic Spider-Man stuff. The only problem of course would be whether or not you support Octo-Peter. I know many of my friends don't. But if you can get past that, I'd say this is worth a read, if not, just wait until they inevitably return to the status quo; the way things are going, it'll probably be sooner rather than later.

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